English speaking counties

I have learned a lot of curious facts about English speaking coutries. Moreover, I have improved my speaking and reading skills. I like courses like this!

English-speaking countries course
The course was quite informative as I've learnd lots of new and interesting about English-speaking countries. This course helped me broaden my horizons and I also think that it can be useful for the state exam. Learning about the USA helped me gain good result in my history test as well.

English speaking counties.

This course was intresting and I know much intersting about english speaking countries. Angelina

English-speaking countries.

I think that course was interesting and it was very easy to get good mark. Now I know more about this countries then in the beginning of the course.


English speaking countries

That course was interesting. Now i know many interesting information about english speaking countries

English speaking countries

As for me it was interesting course. I learnt many amazing information about USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and India.

English speaking countries course.

For me it was easy and interestin course. In this course your main purpose was to be crative. I enjoyed this course and i am pleased with the result.


English-speaking counrties

In my opinion it was enough interesting course. We had an opportunity to get additional knowlegde about English-speaking countries,improve our speech skills and open the mind.


English-speaking countries course
The course was quite informative and I enjoyed finding out about exotic countries such as New Zealand and Australia since I haven't received much information about them during my whole life. I am really happy I got the chance to enrich my knowledge about all these countries becuase it's not only interesting but useful. For instance, covering the USA topic helped me to wrtite my history test :) Of course usefuness is not about it but about being a broad-minded person and becoming a more attractive interlocutor.

English-speaking countries
This course was fascinating because not every day we read or watch something about such countries as South Africa, India or New Zealand. Ta moko, the haka, didgeridoo...I wouldn`t know what these thing are if we hadn`t this course. It was interesting to listen to other students` presentations. I think it was easy course which demanded only attention and creativity. I enjoyed it!

Writing course

In my opinion, it was hard course, but it was iteasier because did not to teach something, but truth only the design and how to write a letters. I liked this course especially last task with a roulette, and i like learn other students letters. It was awesom. I like this course and i want many of these tasks.

Vyacheslav Dov.

Whiting course

I think that this course was quite difficult for those people who have problems with grammar.However, it is an valuable experience to prepare for the exam. Another opportunity to see what will happen in the exam. Good advice for all students:Study all types of letters by pattern and add own situation in it.

Anna S.

Writing course

In my opinion, it was enough hard course but possible. It was very useful because we have learnt how to write letters in different ways, what we will also need on exams. And I recommend everyone to make you a plan, before writing some type of letter because, I think, it helps a lot.

Writing Course

In my opinion we had to work hard in this course but we have gained useful experience - all this skills we will need for the English exam. The most difficult was to make up the situation which you were going to write about. During the course I realised that I should improve my vocabulary.

I wonder why you have ignored your hometask!?

I wonder where have my and other 4 or 5 opinions GONE!???
But this sentence has appeared!!!!

Wrtiting course

To be honest, the course was better than I had expected. I mean my idividual performance. I thought it would be harder to write the whole course but the only problems I've faced were insufficient knowledge of formal laguage, personal grammar drawbacks and slowness(unfortunately, I need much time for thinking). However I managed to improve these skills a bit. The one thing I'm still not sure about is punctuation. I haven't dealed with it before and when we started to write I found that I just don't know where to put comma.
Now we are familiar with types of exam writing exercises, rules and tips. It was really useful information and valuable practice. Extra curricular courses are very important and absolutely necessary for us.

Writing course

It seems to me, that this course was too difficult but very useful. We will need all this knowledge not only for exams but in the future life, too.

Nadja Sh.

Masha, this site may help you in using punctuation

Thank you! M.

Writing course

For me, this course of writing was quite difficult. However, writing is an important part of whole English exam. To write correctly is very necessery. Anyway, I tried to wark very hard and I think I have good results.

I really liked this course. I have known a lot of interesting information about the British Isles, which I haven`t known earlier, also this course was a good possibility to improve own speech skills.

UK course (the 5th period)
In my opinion this cours was more interesting that previous. I have knowen many interesting and requied facts about English culture, traditions, places and people. It was amazing!

The British Isles

This period was useful. Before this period I was afraid to retell texts, now I dont afraid, because I have found a very good strategy for me. I understand, that "to retell" means not to learn, but tell with your own words, using your skills of language.
Thank you for teaching us,

UK course
It was interesting to learn new information about Great Britain: basic facts, traditions, people, geography of British Isles. We worked a lot in the computer class, took a presentations. It was a good job and period. I wait for the next year that to learn USA. It would be great.

UK course

This period was very interesting and quite easy. I have learned many exiting facts about whole UK. I think it was good expirience to retell some stories, historical facts and so on to your classmates. Now I have much more knowladge about UK.

The UK Course
This was the one of the most interesting English courses! I'm very happy that I've leant many things about Britain. That encouraged me even more to go to this magnificent country. I really liked our conference in the end as well.

Uk course

For me it was interesting, because before that, I knew little about the British Isles, and now I know quite a lot, and it's not boring, it was interesting to read the texts that were interesting, not boring.

Angelina Savolainen

The UK. course

In my opinion, it was easy course. I like this course, beacause a lot of historycal facts about the united Kingdom. The mos what i like is the history of England. And i like the last lesson, where were two groups and they show they presentation. This course was very interested.

Dovzhich Vyacheslav

UK Course
This course was interesting because we learnt more about the culture of country which language we learn. Now I understand this nation a bit better knowing some of their traditions. It will be useful for our English exam. We speaked a lot in this period which was useful too. I improved my oral skills telling our group about some information.

5th period (UK course)

For me, this course was very interesting.We learned a lot. Reference works were very interesting. So i would like to thank teacher for such interesting course. I think everyone like it.
Valeria Ju.

UK course (the 5th period)
This period was very interesting and I've learnt a lot about the British Isles. Now I know about different amazing kinds of sport, festivals, traditions which exist there. I have had a good experience of speaking on public and have also improved my speaking skills.